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Monday, May 19

1. Present projects to the class.

Friday, May 16

1. Watch "Freaks and Geeks".

2. Go to the Cultural Fair in the Media Center!

Thursday, May 15

1. Work in pairs to find answers to this activity.

2. Watch another "Freaks and Geeks"!  NO VIEWING GUIDE!

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 13/14

Your job today is to finish working on the paper and visual for your final exam project.  Use me as a resource to help you with the components, questions, etc.  You can use additional resources to help you, but you will need to cite these on a formal citation page. 


Monday, May 12

1. Take test over Development

2. Turn in your thesis question for a "on time" check.

3.  Read this handout pages 1 and 2 about Developmental Disorders and complete the reading guide.

Friday, May 9

1. Act out skits to teach the class about Kubler Ross' "Stages of Grief".  How have you noticed these stages play out in YOUR processing of grief?

2.  Watch "Freaks and Geeks: Chokin and Tokin" and complete this viewing guide to show your can apply your knowledge!

3. Get your magazine or book and find a topic you want to present as part of your final exam project.

Thursday, May 8

1. Finish notes on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and discuss some of the ways people can help themselves with this type of therapy.

2. Watch this new study in babies and discuss whether we are born good/evil/or tabula rasa?   Complete this video lesson summary to show your understanding.

3. Make sure you understand everything in this review sheet because you will be tested Monday!

Wednesday, May 7

1. Discuss and journal on ways you practice Reciprocal Determinism in your life.

2. Take notes  on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Tuesday, May 6

1.  The talent in the room will perform some of these skits to see if you can recognize the crisis in the various stages.

2. Watch "Freaks and Geeks: Noshing and Moshing" and complete this viewing guide to review some of the stages of development we have been discussing with Piaget, Erikson, and Kohlberg.


1. Wanna see some funny?  Ahhh..families.

2. Using the textbook, complete both pages of this handout on Erik Erikison's 8 stages of development, including parenting style inventory.   You may find this Prezi on Erikson's "identity crisis" more coherent than the textbook.

Friday, May 2

1. Show evidence of your understanding of Piaget by completing this "Piaget Meets Santa" handout and this Accomodation/Assimilation handout.

2. Watch this new study in babies and discuss whether we are born good/evil/or tabula rasa?

3. Complete Kohlberg's Levels of Morality discussion and handout.

Thursday, May 1

1. Take test over behaviorism.

2. When finished, take textbook notes on Piaget's stages of Development.  Pages 241 to 244.  You can also use guided notes over the stages of development according to Piaget using this Prezi.

Wednesday, April 30

1. Review for tomorrow's test

2. Discuss final exam project and spend some time looking for topics in my Psychology Today mags.

3. Using concepts learned in conditioning therapy, work in small groups to come up with scenarios to change behavior using behavorism techniques.

Tuesday, April 29

1. Take a moment to read this teacher note, and discuss how you can "build a habit" of quitting.  How does this fit into behavioralism learning theories?

2. Watch "Freaks and Geeks": The Garage Door and complete the viewing guide showing your knowledge of learning theory.

3. Get your review sheet for your test Thursday and use the remaining time to study.

Monday, April 28

1. Discuss other types of learning.   Use the following video clips to answer the viewing guide.

Bo Bo Doll,Harlow's Monkeys, Learned Helplessness and this humorous take on the same, Stanford Prison Experiment, Marshmallow Test 

Friday, April 25

1. Practice showing what you learned about Operant Conditioning.

2. Watch "Freaks and Geeks": Looks and Books and complete the guide showing what you've learned about classical/operant conditioning.

Thursday, April 24

1. Show me what you've learned by completing this "Show Me What You Know" activity .  Share some of your own examples.

2. Take notes on this Powerpoint Operant Conditioning

3. Show me what you learned about operant conditioning by completing this activity handout.

Wednesday, April 23

1. Take your own notes over the first part of this Powerpoint on: Classical Conditioning.  Watch this hilarious clip from The Office to see classical conditioning in action.  Or this.

2. Watch experiments with "Little Albert" to see how fear can be taught.

Tuesday, April 22

1. Use this Prezi to take notes on the levels in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.  What level are you?

2. Read this handout as a class about intrinsic vs extrinsic (external) motivation.  Discuss as a class ways to increase your internal motivation.  Take the survey on page 2 to see where you fall.

HOMEWORK:  Begin working on your Humanism project.   Can you get all the way to self-actualization?

Monday, April 21

1. What is schema?  Try this activity with your recall of the "War of the Ghosts" story.

2. Take quick notes about schema and evaluate how it works, pros and cons using this Powerpoint.

3. Watch "Freaks and Geeks: The Diary" and use your new knowledge of Freud to complete this viewing guide.

Friday, April 18: Happy Passover!

Thursday, April 17

1. Using this Powerpoint, fill out the guided notes about Freud.

2. Using the textbook on pages 326-327, take summary notes with examples about the defense mechanism.  Then see if you and a partner can cut and match these mechanisms.

Wednesday, April 16

1. What is consciousness?  And why do we dream?

2. Using this Prezi, fill in the graphic organizer with as much detail as you need.  

3. Read page 119 in textbook and complete this Opinion/Proof and turn in.   The opinion you need to support is" "Our culture believes more than most that altering consciousness should be avoided.  Do you agree or disagree with this cultural view?"

Tuesday, April 15

1. Finish movie "Memento" and complete viewing guide showing your understanding of memory.

Monday, April 14

1.  Take notes over the various types of memories and the reasons why we forget.  Use this notes guide to organize your thoughts.

2. Begin movie "Memento" and complete viewing guide showing your understanding of memory.

Friday, April 11th

1. Include ideas about constancy in your notes.  Use the book or this powerpoint to get key terms.

2.  Work in pairs to understand then teach to the class, "logical problems in thinking" jigsaw.   Take notes and come up with your OWN example for each.

Thursday, April 10th

1. Using the Thought Record activity, fill out the first 4 columns about one personal problem you are having and the thoughts and moods it is causing you.  This is anonymous.  

2. --- Finish handout from yesterday, on to why people believe weird things.   First watch Michael Shermer's explanations.   Then watch some "brain magic" and think about what YOU believe?

3. Finally, go back to your Thought Record from step 1.   Fill out colums 5, 6, and 7.   Are you happier now about this thought?  Question for columnn 5 is "Is there evidence that does NOT support your perception of the event?"

Wednesday, April 9

1. Why is understanding perception of our senses important in psychology?  Watch this video to think about what "perception" means?

2. Take notes over pages 77-80 in the textbook.

3. You will use this viewing guide as you watch all the below video clips.

Complete these questions as you watch.   Watch the first 6 minutes of this video to understand the way our brain learns to perceive color. Want more weirdness?  Check out the first few minutes of Al Seckel's illusions.   

Tuesday, April 8

Guest Speaker: Staff psychologist, Ms. Vinson

Monday, April 7th

Meet in Media Center and work on this Webquest!  Read everything carefully!  Tomorrow, meet back in the trailer for our guest speaker, Ms. Vinson.

Friday, April 4th

1. Discuss brain and pot's effects on the brain from this reading and videos.

2. Fill out this chart detailing parts of the entire nervous system, break into groups and research your assigned part of the brain from the textbook. Create a skit to demonstrate to the class what each item's function is in your body.

Thursday, April 3rd

1. Using the textbook, finish reading and taking notes on the parts of the brain.

2. Want to see some WILD brain disorders?  Click here.   What parts of the brain do you think are related to this disorders?

3. Watch this Ted Talks about the mysteries of the teen brain! And the second segment on the PBS Frontline "Inside the Teenage Brain". 

4. Complete this Lesson closure to show your understanding of your brain.

Wednesday, April 2nd

1. Take Unit 1 Test

2. Using the textbook, read and take notes on the parts of the brain.

3. Check out the first page of this handout on the Barnum Effect.   What dessert profile fits you best? Do you believe it?  Complete the second page of handout to show understanding and thoughts on this psychological phenomenom.

Tuesday, April 1st

1. Take notes over the various types of Psychology and Careers available.

2. Take a projective test (psychoanalysis) to see how weird you are.

Monday, March 31st

Get Test Review guide for Wednesday's test on Unit 1: Methods and Careers

1. Discuss in small groups some of these "What's Wrong with this Study?" Q & A.

2. Review and keep this psychological approaches notes chart for future reference and study.

3. On page 2 and 3 of this notes sheet, discuss approaches that might work best to solve the application problems psychologists might encounter.

Thursday and Friday, March 27/28

Watch "Good Will Hunting" and turn in viewing guide.

Wednesday, March 26

1. Take this "Show Me What You've Learned About Research" quiz to see how well you can express your knowledge gained from Friday's notes.

2. Watch episode of Freaks and Geeks and complete the viewing guide to show your understanding of the ways psychologists gather data.

Tuesday, March 25th

1. Use your research skills to answer the questions on this Show Me What You Know About Methods Vocabulary.   You will be tested on these items and can use any notes on the test...so be clear and concise!

Monday, March 24th

1. Begin Psychology Unit 1.   Take detailed notes over  these slides.

2. Watch this episode of Spongebob "Frankendoodle" and complete this handout by making predictions first and then observations.

Monday-Wednesday, March 10th-12th

Finish your mid term (www.questgarden.com/q/captain)

Friday, March 7th

1. To discuss race in America, read the black codes and discuss how these things affect African American Society today.  Have you seen this "doll test"?

2. Watch this video about the Civil Rights movement.  Have things changed?

Wednesday March 5th/Thursday March 6th

1 Watch "Captain Phillips" and complete this guide to help you with your online project this Wed/Thursday.

Friday, Feb 28

1. Study "emotional keys for success" and write down why you think at least 3 of the "taught" emotions are easier to learn in middle to upper class families.   Why is it children in the lower classes struggle with learning some of these emotions?

2. Use the textbook to complete the Gender Roles handout.  Complete the HOMEWORK portion of the handout for Monday.

3. Watch this video and think about where gender roles come from.   And this video... 

4. To discuss race in America, read the black codes and discuss how these things affect African American Society today.  Have you seen this "doll test"?

Thursday, Feb 27

1. Let's play a game about how YOU believe wealth in this country is distributed....then watch this

2. Complete note taking on social stratification in America using your textbook.

Wednesday, Feb 26

1. Finish movie "Sling Blade", take notes as you watch and SAVE for a final project to be due next week.

Tuesday, Feb 25

1. Watch movie "Sling Blade", take notes as you watch and SAVE for a final project to be due next week.

Monday, Feb 24

1. Using textbook, complete this reading guide on Crime.

2. Finish Freaks and Geeks!

Friday, Feb 21

1. Take notes over Deviance using this guided notes sheet

2. Watch Freaks and Geeks: Kim Kelly is My Friend and show your understanding of strain theory by completing this viewing guide.

Thursday, Feb 20: PAIGE'S BIRTHDAY!

1. Discuss: WTF!? Obedience or conformity?

2. Take the Unit 2: Socialization test

3. Read and answer the questions about cults from these two news articles.

Wednesday, Feb 19

1. Watch this video about conformity and book carrying and write in your journals about something YOU do at school out of conformity.

2. Take notes over conformity and obedience in your journals using this Prezi.

3. Watch an epidsode of Freaks and Geeks "Tests and Breasts" to spot examples of what you just learned.

Tuesday, Feb 18

1. Activity to make you feel old!

2. Lecture notes on Stages of the Eldery (if you miss class, take notes from Chapter 8 (I think?)

3. Get Unit 2: Socialization test review guide.  TEST THURSDAY!

Monday, Feb 17

1. Watch the last part of movie "Say Anything" and complete this viewing guide.

Tuesday, Feb 11: Class cut short for snow day

Monday, Feb 10

1. Complete this Prezi to complete this graphic organizer about the 5 stages of Early and Middle Adulthood for men.

2. Use this Prezi to complete this graphic organizer about the 5 stages of Early and Middle Adulthood for women.
3. Watch the first part of movie "Say Anything" (on netflix!) and complete this viewing guide.

Friday, Feb 7

1. Discuss the controversial Coca Cola commercial and what American society has a problem with it?   Compare it to a classic Coca Cola commercial!  What values does this company seem to hold?

2. Watch "Freaks and Geeks" Halloween epidsode and complete the viewing guide.

Thursday, Feb 6

1. Complete pages 3 and 4 of the reading guide using the textbook over the section on Teen Drug Use.   You will need to watch the episode of Intervention to complete page 4.

Wednesday, Feb 5

1. DISCUSS this handout about Teens and Dating. 

2. Complete the first 2 pages of the reading guide over the chapter on "Challenges of Adolescence" using the textbook.   We will discuss and watch a clip related to this section about Early Teen Sexual Activity.

Tuesday, Feb 4

1. Play Musical Chairs!

2. Complete the handout with your observations of the ways different kids behaved during musical chairs.   How are kids socialized to be aggressive vs. patient, etc?

3. Finish up your Socialization Autobiography!  Due today!

4. If you finish, take one or more of these tests.   Harvard University has loaded these famous tests online for FREE!   Find out if you have hidden biases towards a race or group of people, like gays or overweight people.  Take a test to see if you have unconscious prejudices!...you need extreme focus during the test to get accurate results so don't talk to others if they are taking one!

Monday, Feb 3

1. . Board the "Oz" Train!  We're going to do an activity to see the socialization effects of ostracization!

2. Discuss what is "cool" and "uncool" in your opinion.   What makes things "cool"?

3. Watch 30 minutes of "Merchants of Cool".   Answer viewing guide and turn in.  (read instructions on guide to see which segments we watched).  Use this "opinion proof" to answer the last question.


Monday, Jan 27

1. Spend first part of class reading and completing this outline about YOU...the adolescent!

2. Watch "Freaks and Geeks" "Beers and Weirs" episode and complete this viewing guide showing what you learned from your reading.

Friday, Jan 24

1. Check Powerschools first to see how you're doing in my class.

2. Get started on your Socialization Autobiography!  Due Feb 3rd

Thursday, Jan 23

1. Take notes in your spiral over the "Agents of Socialization",using this Prezi.

2. Watch this TLC story about "Genie" to think about the issue of isolation and "feral" children.  This Oprah is also good to think about things that socialize us.

Wednesday, Jan 22

Bell Ringer:  Take the 20 Questions Test (for you to see how you personally view yourself, not to share with the class)  How did you define yourself?

1. Begin Socialization Unit 2.   Know the 4 factors that develop personality:  use this Prezi to fill in the graphic organizer

2. Discuss "nature vs. nuture" debate.   Watch this 60 Minutes and discuss the debate with regards to homosexuality.

Tuesday, Jan 21

1. Take the Culture and Social Structure Test

2. Read and answer questions on the handout about Facebook and how it affects your self-esteem.  

3. Watch this video and discuss why it is important to understand Social Media.   Jot down 3 interesting facts you learned while watching the video.

4. HOMEWORK:  "Break a norm" (technically, break a folkway).  Here are your instructions.

Friday, Jan 17

1. Start watching "Breakfast Club" and show me what you've learned by completing this viewing assessment

Thursday, Jan 16

1. Discus lab activity from yesterday about communication face to face and on the internet.   How were YOU more comfortable communicating?

2.  Discuss and take notes over Social Structure and Types of Social Interactions.

3. Start watching "Breakfast Club" and show me what you've learned by completing this viewing assessment.  (DUE FRIDAY)

4. Receive test study guide.   Read the instructions!

Wednesday, Jan 15

Meet in Room 2202 and work on this 2 part Webquest

Tuesday, Jan 14th

1.  Using your textbook reading, complete the Venn diagram on the societies to compare how cultures vary and are similar.

2. Analyze this image before and after re-touching.   Class discussion WHY certain features are considered more attractive than others and do other cultures value the same things?  What types of features on this woman might not be valued in a different culture?

3. Using this Prezi or textbook reading pages 24-27, complete the Graphic Organizer about the different components that make up culture.  Discuss cultural norms and folkways.

4. Go over the Job Training test and discuss good test taking skills.

Monday, Jan 13th

1.  Need a review on the 3 types of sociological perspectives?  Watch this!

2.  Lecture over the founders of sociology.  Complete your the guided outline notes

3.  Now, pretend you are the founders and analyze the behaviors found in this viewing guide after watching Episode 1 of "Freaks and Geeks".   DUE FOR HOMEWORK.


1.  Read the story of The Blind Man and the Elephant and discuss as a class what the moral of the fable might be.

2. Lecture over Introduction to Sociology.   Fill in the guided outline notes

3. Take the "How Did Ms. Thrower Set Me Up for Success" job training test.  YOU decide if you want this grade to count! 

Thursday, Jan 9

Work to finish this 5 step Webquest.   Practice the skill of reading and following directions BEFORE you raise your hand to ask for help.


Wednesday, Jan 8

1. Learn good note-taking skills so you can succeed in this class!  Start off watching this video about how your brain learns through notes.   Also, file this quick tip sheet in your portfolio right after your Job Training Packet.

2. Use what you learned about note-taking to take notes over the "Ways Ms. Thrower's Class is Setup for My Success".  If you miss class, you MUST get these notes from a reliable classmate!

Topics covered in note-taking:  Desk of Self Sufficiency, What to do when you are absent or falling behind, other purposes for things in my classroom, location of things in the classroom, etc.

3. Discuss "What is quality work?"  Let's look at examples!

Tuesday, Jan 7

1. Take this short "Get to Know You and the Class" survey and turn in to me.

2. Finish up "Expectations" in Job Training Packet and remember to get the final page signed and returned to me with your class donation by TUESDAY, Jan 14th.

Monday, Jan 6

1.  First you will need your Job Training Employee Packet to review. By the way, you want a more recent chart on why education should be your main job right now, click here.

Psychology Moment!!  If you want to watch the Prezi of why I grade the way I do, click here.  This class involves a lot of critical thinking and creativity, so "carrots and sticks" aren't very effective to help you acheive that goal!

2. Take this pre-test to show me how much you are thinking about Psychology already!

3. Tell me about YOU and what motivates you!  Do you have GRIT?

1. Look over "Hidden Rules of Ruby" study and circle one value from each row you think best fits your mentality.   Discuss what these column should be labled.

2.  Once you understand Ruby Rules, watch this video on Inequality in America called "Land of the Free, Home of the Poor".  What does this type of inequality of wealth mean for most Americans?

3. View these videos on the Occupy Wall Street protests and the "Hard Time Generation" and use this new knowledge to answer a journal question you will turn in for a participation grade.  



2.  Journal on ways you practice Reciprocal Determinism in your life.

Friday, Nov 30

1. Watch an episode of Freaks and Geeks to review several of the behavioral learning theories we've discussed.  If you missed class, make sure you review these for the test Wednesday!

Monday Dec 3: Download Test Review here...test Wednesday!

1. Use this Powerpoint to learn about Freud and this summary graphic organizer to take notes.

2. Do some psychoanalytic assessments in class for fun!

3.  Practice your understanding of defense mechanisms by reading and following instructions on this review.

Tuesday, Dec 4

1. Review the types of psychological theories you have learned and take notes on ways they are used during therapy.   Here's a Prezi on Humanistic Therapy techniques and one on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

2. Using what you've learned about all 3 psychological theories, watch Freaks and Geeks episodes and complete the "Therapy Guide" when we are done.  Links are below.

"The Garage Door" and "Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers"

Wednesday, Dec 5

Take your final bubble test in this class ever!!!

Your final exam is next TUESDAY! Be prepared to present!