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Tuesday and Wednesday, May 16th/17th

1. Final exam project work days/watch movie "13th"

Monday, May 15th

1. Discuss the erosion of our democratic norms under the Trump Administration, why Congress isn't stopping this, and how can the people #resist.

2.  Take final test!

Friday, May 12

1. Meet in Lab 2202 and work on this Webquest.   The sub has headphones to loan you and you will need to turn in the handout at the end of class!

Thursday, May 11th

Class Starter: On scratch paper, write 3 things you Americans value most.

1. Breaktime! American Values...compared to the rest of the world. Watch parts of "Where To Invade Next?" and fill out this viewing guide.

If absent, you MUST watch on your own these clips and fill out the corresponding boxes.  ItalyFranceNorway, and Portugal.  Write "I was absent" at the top of the handout and make sure to also answer the LAST box on the back of the handout. 

Monday, May 8th-Wednesday, 10th

1. Work on your projects with your partner in my room.

Friday May 5th!!!!!  It's happening!...good luck!

Here's ya'lls review summaries...great job!  And crash watch Jocz Ultimate Period reviews now!!

Thursday, May 4th

Review Day!!  Using the APUSH Curriculum Framework online book, each team will be responsible for summarizing the big themes of a time period.  Period 1 has been done for you, which starts on Page 24 of the document.    What you will do...

  • Write your time period with dates at the top of yellow paper provided. 
  • Add events that correspond with the dates of your time period.
  • Save some space for a "Big Picture" summary you will do AFTER the thesis/proof steps.
  • Read the Key Concepts and then summarize a Thesis for the Roman Numeral points. 
  • Using the A, B, C's, etc, bullet point "Proof" to these thesis statements.  Add vocab!!
  • Share with class your time period! 

Wednesday, May 3rd

1. Crash course! Bill Clinton, the man and   Bill Clinton and the 90s.  Take notes on his foreign and domestic issues. Columbine school shooting, Oklahoma City bombingNAFTA!,

2. Crash course!  Gore vs Bush Election of 2000 , watch up to 10 minutes in the documentary Unprecedented to see how Florida stole the election...ain't that some bull?!

And then  9/11 under Dubya

9-11 VISUAL LEARNING: Footage of the Pentagon plane crash...then, why did United 93 crash?  Live footage from NY (see 12 min in), and towers collapsing (disbelief!!).  Some clips from the Naudet brothers documentary inside the Towers: first tower hitting, collapse. And if you don't know the history and WHY we were attacked, let Hip Hughes explain.

OPTIONAL DUE TOMORROW:  Clinton Impeachment

Tuesday, May 2nd

Class Starter: Discuss your pro/con of Reagan.  Make sure you understand the big milestones of his Presidency.

1.  Discuss Period 9 events.  VISUAL LEARNING!  Reagan and GH Bush, and Persian Gulf Wars. 

"Jarhead" movie clips teach it all! Landing in Saudi Arabia (spot the Military Industrial Complex in actions?!). Desert Storm preparations, Saadam fights back with the only environmental weapons he has.  A changing military for ground troops.

2.  Using rubric, grade a buddies Civil Rights LEQ.  Make sure you know what to include to earn max points!!

Monday, May 1st

1.  Check your Powerschools for any missing work.   Then write down these dates (below) in your calendar...and spend today working with your partner to finalize your Final Exam Project tasks!  The detailed list of instructions are steps are found in Folders in Edmodo under "Final Exam Info".

  • May 15th: Test over Chapter 33/34
  • May 16th: Submitted electronically (see instructions in the Edmodo documentation for how to submit to me), you and your partners list of 64 term definitions. 
  • May 18th: Be prepared to submit your oral and visual presentation in class.  No working on it in class on these final dates.

Friday, April 28th

Class Starter: Read and answer the questions from this timely current event related to economic theory!

1.  Discuss Period 9 events, including Jimmy Carter, the 70's energy crisis, stagflation, Iran Hostage Crisis and Reagan and ReaganomicsMake sure to understand Rise of Conservatism (80's...why?) and Reagan...a great Short Answer APUSH questions possibility!

2.  Using ipads research in pairs, make a pro/con chart of Reagan policies.  Use this info to write an intro paragraph with your partner. 

3. Share your paragraphs about Reagan with the class. 

OPTIONAL: Analyze Reagan!  Due Monday.  Use these slides to help you understand some of his major pros and cons, foreign and domestic.

Thursday, April 27th

Class Starter: Period 9 Terms Quiz

1. Go over past test.

Wednesday, April 26th

1. Take Chapter 29-32 test.

2. Get final reading guides!! Everything except the rap will be due May 4th.  Period 9 Terms Quiz tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 25th

1. Finish discussion on  Nixon, Robert Kennedy assassination, 1968 DNC in Chicago, Watergate in 2 minutes and turn in all your presidential on this paper provided.

2. Turn in your thesis statements on the 4 Presidents we've covered.

Monday, April 24th: Meet in lab 2202

1. Work on this Webquest about Social Movements of the 1960s, 70s and 80s.  Due today (extra credit tomorrow).   Also, don't forget about the last page of the handout which is found here if you're absent.

Friday, April 21

**Turn in your OPTIONAL Pentagon Papers handout.

1.  Discuss other events of the Cold War decades not related to the Soviet Union. Review Ch 32 Reading Guide topics to tie up loose end.  Watch "The Presidents" and write down key events and details for Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and LBJ's War on Poverty and "Great Society".

More VISUAL LEARNING!: Kennedy assassination, Oswald murder, 5 stupid things about the JFK conspiracies

2. Write a thesis statement for each President above, using the "although ___, ultimately, ____" format, choosing two or three "big picture" categories you think could be argued best in an essay.  For example: "Although Ms. Thrower focuses on American history curriculum in her classes, ultimately, what she really wants for her students' futures is to learn practical life skills and become a political informed citizen."  Turn  in one thesis statement for each President on this paper provided.

Thursday, April 20th

** Turn in your Chapter 31 for spot check grade.  Turn in your LEQ on Civil Rights leaders.

1. Finish discussion and take notes over the Vietnam Conflict on this graphic organizer. Finish the packet today and have Kathy tell us how she learned this history!  (if you are a Robo-Teen, you will need to fill this out and turn in by next Tuesday).  Use this Vietnam Prezi to grasp the big concepts visually and also highly recommend watching Jocz summaries video 3 and video 4.

2.  Complete a practice short answer (12 minutes timed) over the Vietnam Conflict and turn in for a grade. 

Wednesday, April 19th

Class Starter: Read John Kerry's speech to Congress on the Winter Soldier's investigation.   Answer the questions that follow on the back and turn in for a grade.

1. Begin discussion and take notes over the Vietnam Conflict on this graphic organizer. Take notes  on the organizer today up through "draft deferments"  (if you are a Robo-Teen, you will need to fill this out and turn in by next Tuesday).  Use this Vietnam Prezi to grasp the big concepts visually and also highly recommend Jocz videos 1 and video 2.

OPTIONAL: Read and complete this analysis of the Pentagon Papers handout by Friday.

Tuesday, April 18th

1. Discuss Civil Rights Movement "highlights".  Watch video clips below jot down any info you think you should add to your notes.

VISUAL LEARNING: sit in scene with SNCCFreedom Riders challengesBirmingham and Bull Connor,  Little Rock School integration, March on Washington, the real Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Act of 64  and Voting Rights Act of 65

2. In groups of 3, using the Long Essay Prep Packet , make a chart to compare and contrast goal and strategies of African American leaders in the 1890s-1920s with those of the 1950's-60s movement.  Then....

HOMEWORK:  Write a 35 timed essay (I trust you!) using this information to the prompt: Compare and contrast goal and strategies of African American leaders in the 1890s-1920s with those of the 1950's-60s movement. 

Monday, April 17th

1. Go over WW2 Test and spot check Ch 30 Reading Guide.

2. Finish notes from the Cold War Part A Powerpoint, slides 22-34.  Make sure to watch the videos...

VISUAL LEARING CLIPS:   MAD and Star Wars  "tear down this wall" speech, Tiananmen Square,  Velvet Revolutions and Berlin Wall coming down.

Good Friday Holiday!

Thursday, April 13th:   More bad 80's mtv music videos...Cold War hysteria!

Class Starter QUIZ: Using your notes from yesterday, fill out this summary chart of actions we took during the Cold War to contain communism. 

1.  Turn in OPTIONAL "Life in the Soviet Union" diary if you chose to do that.  Spot check Ch 29 Reading Guide.

2. Continue notes from the Cold War Part A Powerpoint, slides 22-34.  Make sure to watch the videos...

VISUAL LEARNING:  Sputnik,  U-2 incident building of the Berlin Wall, détente under Nixon, Cuba under Castro

3. Get interims! 

Wednesday, April 12:  Bad Cold War Mtv Music Videos!

Go over Great Depression and 20's test.

Class Starter: Cold War explained in 9 minutes!  Jot down on scratch paper, two global events you caught from this quick summary.  Discuss!

1. Take spiral notes over slides 1-21 in the Cold War Part A Powerpoint

VISUAL LEARNING:  Greece and TurkeyMarshall PlanBerlin AirliftChina, Korea, Bay of Pigs,  Vietnam, Iran Contra under Regan

OPTIONAL: Read the instructions carefully on this reading about "Life in the Soviet Union", and bring your work back by tomorrow if you choose to complete.  up to 15 pts for awesomeness!

Tuesday, April 11

1.  Take quiz over Period 8 Terms and names/years in office and of your Cold War Presidents.

Class Starter: On scratch paper, answer the following prompt: "when you hear of nation is communist, what does this mean to you?  Then, look at this map of freedom in the world as a class, and discuss what qualities make someone truly free.

2.  Read the "Military Industrial Complex" speech and complete the matching and 3 of the questions at the bottom of the handout.  Your choice!

3. Discuss the definition of ideology.   Using this handout on ideologies of the Cold War, fill out and discuss.  You will need to watch this video  fill out some examples.

4.  CONNECTION TO TODAY: Watch VICE "The Hermit Kingdom" to get an idea of what life in the Soviet Union was like during the Cold War...North Korea today is about a close as you could get by comparison.

Monday, April 10

1.  Reading Guide review and take WWII test over Ch 27/28.

2.  Get Reading Guide for Chapter 29-32 and this primary source from President Truman.   Test on this is April 21st, however, I will have a checkpoint grade for Ch 29 on Friday, April 14th and Chapter 30 on April 17th.  Stay caught up

3. Write a "letter of advice" to future APUSH students visiting on Thursday.  Would you recommend taking this class? If so, how can you survive it?

HOMEWORK due tomorrow:  Quiz over Period 8 Terms  AND the order and dates in office of all Cold War era Presidents.  (see below).  This quiz will be first as you walk in the door!

Harry Truman: April 1945-1953

Dwight Eisenhower: 1953-1961

John Kennedy: 1961-November 1963

Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ): 1963-1969

Richard Nixon: 1969-Aug 1974

Gerald Ford: 1974-1977

Jimmy Carter: 1977-1981

Ronald Reagan: 1981-1989

George H. W. Bush: 1989-93

Friday, April 7

1.  Take Talking Point notes over WW2, isolationism to interventionism.

See overview of the European theater of war by using the World War II: Best visual teacher ever!

2.  For visual learning on battles and ways we won the war at home:  Watch videos clips from some popular movies to reinforce your learning:  Battle of Britain,Battle of Iwo JimaJapanese abuse to POW'sBattle of the Bulge ,Tuskegee AirmenBattle of Stalingrad  , landing at Normandy on D-Day,   liberation of a Nazi death camp, and bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki.

The first 30 minutes of the documentary "WWII: Homefront" also is a good learning tool for the war effort.

Thursday, April 6

1. Reading Guide review and then take the Period 7 Prosperity and Depression test.

2.  Get reading guides for Chapter 27 and 28.  Test MONDAY.

OPTIONAL:  For an optional 25 pts, watch this episode of Story of Us and answer the viewing guide.  This will be due Monday with the test (thesis statement on last question is 5 pts)

Wednesday, April 5

Class Starter: Watch this segment on "Riding the Rails" and discuss if you believe kids would react to a massive economic depression today in this way.

1. Fill out New Deal programs on this guided notes chart. If you are absent, watch this Crash Course on the New Deal to discuss criticisms and praise for the programs AND use the google to help you fill out your chart. 

2.  Now that you know criticisms and praise for the New Deal, write a concluding paragraph in which you will synthesis your argument with a modern day argument to the following prompt.

Tuesday, April 4

OPTIONAL due Thursday.  Howard Zinn's "Self Help in Hard Times".  Read him before the schools ban him!

Class Starter: Watch this segment on the "Hard Times Generation" and on scratch paper provided, write down 5 challenges brought by the Great Recession of 2008.

1. Watch History Channel's "The Presidents" on Hoover and the first part of President Roosevelt and complete the notes guide with relevant information. 

2. Discuss Dust Bowl, and other "non New Deal" related events, court cases from Talking Point Notes over the Great Depression.   Fill out this info on the chart from step above.

3.  Go over WWI test.

Monday, April 3

1. Discuss Causes of the Great Depression  and write an intro/thesis paragraph for the question that follows on page 2.

2. Watch most of "Story of Us: Bust" and answer questions on the viewing guide.

Friday, March 31

1.  Go over Progressive Era test.  

2. Turn in your Reading Guide for Chapter 24 only.  Test on 24-26 will be next Thursday.

3. Using lecture from my Talking Point notes on the "Reactionary" Roaring 20's...make sure you understand ways in which WWI changed American culture (nativism, Red Scare, disillusionment, reaction to rise in scientific thoughts, Prohibition, etc). Also, watch a Drunk History over the Scopes trial

4. Using the APUSH prep books, read documents on pages 488-491 and answer the "Analyzing the Documents" section at the bottom of page 491.  Be thoughtful and detailed. Share your answers with TEAM APUSH!!

Thursday, March 30

1.  Watch President over Harding and Coolidge and fill out the first section of these guided notes

2.  Watch and finish viewing guide for Story of Us: Boom!  Turn these in for easy grade!

HOMEWORK: Chapter 24 Reading Guide due tomorrow!

1.  Go over Imperialism Test.

2. Mid Term Review fun!  Brainstorming and then... 

3.  In small groups with no more than 3 laptops per group, on paper provided, write as many inventions and innovations you can find between 1865 and 1920.   Each inventions/innovation worth 1pt and each inventor name if you can find it earns 2pts.  Inventions should be things that affected both city dwellers and farmers and settlers..  Winners in the time frame win fabulous prizes!

For tonight's review:  Here's a great ushistorgy.org website to review for tomorrow's test.   Also recommend watching the Period overviews from Jocz youtube channel.