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Can you fix the federal budget?  Give it a try WITHOUT raising taxes!

How much freedom do we REALLY have?

Watch this Ted Talks about how our views of morality affect our political ideology.

Think you can survive financially after high school?  Play Career Zone to find out if you'll make enough money to live that bling bling lifestyle you want.

Check out this animated map showing how our nation grew to the current 50 states. 

World War IIBest visual teacher ever!

Test your geography knowledge!

How well do YOU know your high school Civics? Take this 10 question quiz to find out. (this is a great quiz to give your PARENTS!)

#1 Find out how well adjusted you are using Maslow's 36 Question Psych evaluation.  If you haven't met all your needs, progress in life will be difficult!

#2 Do you blame others for all YOUR problems in life?  Find out if you have a healthy "locus of control".   A good "internal locus of control" means you tend to believe YOU are in charge of your life...this is good!  Ms. Thrower LOVES when student's have a high INTERNAL locus of control!

#3 Want to see if you have hidden biases towards a race or group of people?  Take these tests to see if you have unconscious prejudice.