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Friday, Dec 8th

1. Take test on Ch 18! 

2. Get copy of Supreme Court cases and reminder where you can find all AP exam study stuff!

Thursday, Dec 7th

Think and Do: First make predictions in the first part of this class starter.  Then finish it after opening and studying this map of which countries are the major trading partners for various nations.

1. Finish discussion of U.S. Foreign Policy as related to economic issues.  Use this Powerpoint (slide #20- the end) to learn about how we deal with the economic world. 

2. Make sure to watch the video and turn in the Exit Ticket found on the last slide of the Powerpoint.

Wednesday, Dec 6th: Turn in Chapter 18 and Journal Review.

Think and Do: On scratch paper, as you listen to today's "NY Times, The Daily" on the Jerusalem Embassy announcement by the Trump Administration, list reasons why this embassy move might be a problem for the world.  Then list reasons why Trump likely made this decision.

OPTIONAL: Due Friday up to 20 pts.  Read and follow directions on this article about the 1983 Beirut Marine Embassy bombing.

1.  In small groups, match-y matchy on these foreign policy terms and events.  Discuss which are unilateral, multilateral, isolationist policies or ideas and if applicable, what foreign policy tools were used to accomplish the goals?

2.  Watch up to 20 minutes (and the last 10 minutes) in this link from PBS Frontline "Secret State of North Korea".  Then, write a summary foreign policy as if you were the President of the United States.  Explain one way you would handle this situation a)militarily b) economically and c) diplomatically AND keep us all alive from nuclear holocaust.

Tuesday, Dec 5th

1. Using Part A on today's handout on Foreign Policy Positions, complete the Think and Do and share out with the class.

2.  Next, spend 15 minutes with a partner working on your assigned foreign policy, then share out with the class until everyone has their entire notes sheet complete.  Notes sheet is on page 2 of the document.

EXIT TICKET: On scratch paper, explain if you would use an isolationist, unilateral, or multilateral philosophy to improve the situation in Iraq after watching the segment from Vice News on "Cubs of the Caliphate"

Monday, Dec 4th

Think and Do:  Using this graph, answer the questions on the class starter about the American "Empire".  Make your prediction first before opening the graph!

1. Begin discussion of U.S. Foreign Policy.  Use this Powerpoint (slide #1-#19 only) to learn about the various agencies and roles involved.

2. Go over Friday's test and FRQ.

Friday, Dec 1

1. Quick Review and test over Chapter 16/17.

2. Get Reading Guide for LAST CHAPTER! Chapter 18 and Journal Review due Wednesday, Dec 6th.  Final test over this chapter on Friday, Dec 8th.  No senior exemptions!

Thursday, Nov 30th

Think and Do: Read and answer the questions that follow about the current proposed Republican tax plan.   Turn in when finished.

1. Watch how this tax plan might get pushed.  What are they doing different from "normal" procedures?

2.  In pairs, get scrambled version of these terms/laws and match with their examples and definitions and historical time periods. 

3. Review for tomorrow's test.

Wednesday, Nov 29th

Think and Do: On scratch paper, predict an answer to the following prompt: "To whom or to where do YOU think America owes most of its debt? What percentage of total debt would you guess is owed to your prediction?"   Discuss class answers.  Then analyze this real data and discuss class predictions?

1, Take notes over key concepts in Economic Policy.  If absent, review slides and watch any videos you think are necessary.

2. Distribute one chart to each students and have them fill out the questionnaire supplied.  Rotate and do a second chart.  Then share out with students that had the same graphics, to compare what each students answered.  If you were absent, all instructions and graphics for you are found here.

3. Share revelations on all graphics with the class.

Tuesday, Nov 28th

Think and Do: Using this graphic on the 2015 federal spending data, answer the questions on this class starter.

1. Watch this documentary "IOUSA" , and fill in this chart as you watch, then discuss your chart and rankings with the class.

Monday, Nov 27th: Turn in Ch 17 Reading Rubric and Journal Review (on current economic policy)

Think and Do: Analyze this infographic, titled "% of black students in white school in Southern states".  Using the data, answer these questions on your class starter.

1. Get into Think Tanks in small groups.  You will either be assigned to the Education or Welfare Think Tanks...work to answer the questions on your questionnaire.  Share out your "utopia" to the class.

2.  EXIT TICKET: Analyze this infographic about "% of children living in poverty" and answer these questions.

Tuesday, Nov 21st:

Get Ch 17 Reading Rubric and Journal Review (on current economic policy)...this is due the day we get back on Mon, 27th!

1. Turn in Grading Rubric for Unit 5: Public Policy Chapter 16 and Journal Review .

2.  Finish "Sicko" and turn in viewing guide.

Monday, Nov 20th

1. Go over your StoryBoard Project and laws, fill in your chart with info your classmates share.

2. Begin watching Michael Moore's "Sicko", and work on this viewing guide

Friday, Nov 17th

Think and Do: Fabulous prizes! Which team can put these Steps in the Federal Budget in order the fastest?

1. Spend today working on this StoryBoard Project.  You will need to chose different laws to detail and review the steps in your textbook before starting.  What you don't finish today with my help is due on Monday. 

Thursday, Nov 16

Think and Do: Spend 5 minutes reviewing powers of Congress listed in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution in your textbook.  Then play "Last Man/Woman Standing".  Exiled if you guess wrong or don't know...advance if you guess right.   Winner gets to use notes on the next test.

1. Working in pairs, with a laptop, fill out the Public Policy Intro sheet.  Discuss your rankings when everyone is finished.

2.  Go over yesterday's test and FRQ.

Wednesday, Nov 15th

1. Take test over Ch 9.

2. Get Grading Rubric for Unit 5: Public Policy Chapter 16.   There is a Journal Review required for this chapter as well, over a current domestic public policy of the Trump Administration.  Both are due this TUESDAY.

Tuesday, Nov 14th

Think and Do: Visit this pending cases on this year's Supreme Court docket.  Chose any case (different from your neighbor) and answer the questions on today's Think and Do.  Discuss any particularly interesting cases.

1. With a partner, fill in a definition and be prepared to answer the "Question to Discuss" on this review handout.

2. Kahoot review for tomorrow's test.

Monday, Nov 13th

Think and Do: Get a laptop and take this quiz...Which Supreme Court justice are YOU most like?  Share your answers.

1. Analyze and share various charts in the Judicial Selection Jigsaw.   Discuss the stories these charts tell.

2. Share your court cases in the Justice Simulation Project and fill out an analysis for 3 other presentations..  Do other students agree with your Supreme Court ruling?  Basis for ruling?

Friday, Nov 10th: Happy Armistice Day! (that's Veteran's Day to you!)

Thursday, Nov 9th: MY BIRTHDAY!!

1.  As a group, complete ACT III of your Federal Justice System Simulation. and turn in your bag.

Wednesday, Nov 8th

1. Finish movie "Loving" (available on HBO Go) and complete the viewing lesson

OVERNIGHT HOMEWORK: Read this current event from the Times and answer the two questions that follow according to the directions.

Tuesday, Nov 7th

1. Discuss yesterday's case TeamGoPo created.  What are some problems or questions you encountered?

2. Begin movie "Loving" (available on HBO Go) and complete the viewing lesson

Monday, Nov 6th

Meet in Media Center.  The sub or ladies of the Media Center have all the paper and markers for ya'll to get "crafty" and work on this collaborative project

Friday, Nov 3rd

Think and Do: Open slide #10 in this unit's Powerpoint.  Can you match the names with the faces?

1.  Here Come the Justice!  Who are They?  Boys look up female justices, girls look up males justices.   Research each of the current Supreme Court members and Wikipedia information on judicial nominations.  You don’t need to read the full entries, just enough to fill out the guide.   Share out info with someone of the opposite sex when everyone is finished.  Links are below.  If you are absent you must do this all on your own and have it turned in on Monday!

Anthony Kennedy

Clarence Thomas

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Stephen Breyer

John Roberts

Samuel Alito

Sonia Sotomayor

Elena Kagan

Neil Gorsuch

Thursday, Nov 2nd

Think and Draw!: Watch this clip explaining the many definitions of jurisdiction.   On scratch paper, draw a graphic representation of what this term means to you!  Share with the class!

1.  Study this chart about State and Federal jurisdiction in courts for 5 minutes.  Then fill out this example sheet from memory.  Pair with a buddy and see if you're answers match.   Then check yourself as a class...did you get 100% right?

2.  Watch this segment from 60 Minutes about the Pioneer Hotel fire in Arizona.   Complete a Lesson Closure to write about key ideas of how the justice system handled this case.  The title and topic of this lesson closure is Pioneer Hotel Fire.

3.  Go over short answer essay from last week.

Wednesday, Nov 1st

Think and Do: Get a laptop and go to this website with Federalist Paper No. 78.   Read the primary source and answer any 5 of the following questions on this bell ringer.

1. Watch this award winning intro video about the Judiciary and fill out this handout when finished.  Discuss the graphic organizers on page 2 and make sure you understand the roles of all our courts.

2.  Using laptops, race to the finish coming up with correct answers on this Scavenger Hunt of the Federal Courts!  Use only this website to find answers.

Tuesday, Oct 31st: Boo!

1. Take Ch 7 and 8 Test.

2. Get Grading Rubric for Chapter 9.

3.  Discuss current news! #russianinvestigation

Monday, Oct 30th

Think and Do: Using this interactive chart, (scroll down) answer the questions on the bell ringer while playing around with the chart.

1. Round Robin with Friday's Journal Reviews.

2.  Signing Statements: Read about Signing statements in your small groups (rotate groups from the step above!).  Then using the signing statement your group is given, read and answer the questions that follow as a group.   Then you will share out with the rest of the class what you learned.

3. Watch Vice News segment about the governor's race in Virginia.  If absent, do a Lesson Closure using information in this reading (video not available online).

Friday, Oct 27th: TEST TUESDAY OVER Ch 7 and 8

Think and Do: Turn in your Journal Review and then spend 5 minutes on your phone reminding yourself what "Iron Triangles" are...graded Free Response Questions coming up after the 60 Minutes video below!

1. Watch the 60 Minutes segment "The Whistleblower" and take down any information you think might help you with an FRQ.

2.  Spend 20 minutes reading this excerpt about the differences between government and business when it comes to "getting the job done."  Using this handout, you will complete with your team and then share out with the class.

TEST ON Ch 7 and Ch 8 MONDAY!

Thursday, Oct 26th

Think and Do: Watch this clip of "Inside the White House: Situation Room" and write down 3 facts that surprise or interest you.  Discuss!

1. Begin discussion of Federal Bureaucracy.  Working with a partner, read and follow directions on this infographic.

2. To learn about the Federal Bureaucracy follow these instructions on this round robin learning activity. 

Wednesday, Oct 25th

Turn in Chapter 8 rubric and notes.

Think and Do: What is the job of the Office of Management and Budget?  Can YOU solve the budget crisis?  Get a laptop and see who can solve the federal budget problems with the LEAST amount of cuts to programs?!

1. Using laptops and a partner, spend 20 minutes researching and coming up with a 5-10 minute presentation about the following roles and relationships of the Presidential Establishment.  Find interesting real world examples or videos....keep it under 10 minutes!  Groups will be "The VP", "The First Lady", The "EOP" and the "White House Staff".

2.  Present what you learned to the class! Include fun facts!  As teams present, fill out this chart.

Tuesday, Oct 24th: ACT DAY...shortened class, ACT.

Think and Do: Analyze this chart about Presidential traits and answer the questions on it  Discuss!

1. Get interim.  Tell me why are so many of you missing work? #SAD

2. Watch Obama in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  List 5 personality qualities/skills you can infer are good for Presidents to have to survive 4 years in the White House.

Monday, Oct 23nd

Think and Do: Using the "Roots and Reform" textbook, quickly work to complete this President's Trivia handout.

1. Turn in Ch 7 Grading Rubric and the blank chart to detail "Presidential Paradoxes". You will need to use this excerpt from "Paradoxes of the Presidency.  Get Chapter 8 rubricDue WEDNESDAY. 

2. Watch this exclusive video "Inside the White House: The Cabinet".  Discuss things your find interesting or surprising.

3.  Using the laptops and this website of Cabinet positions (literally no info on the Trump site, so use the Obama archives), complete this activity with a partner...President's Cabinet.   Discuss your answers as a class.

4. Go over last test.

Friday, Oct 20th

Work on Webquest  is due by midnight tonight!

Think and Do: Watch this segment from John Oliver breaking down Trump's proposed "deal making" with the Iran deal.   Thoughts?

Thursday, Oct 19th

1. Watch and finish the movie "The American President" and complete the viewing guide.   

Wednesday, Oct 18th

Think and Do:  Watch this clip of some historical Presidential inaugural ceremonies, and list some of the traditions of this day.  Also, watch this clip from "Inside the White House" about Obama's letter writing habit.

1. Use this Prezi over the federal level of the executive branch to understand the 7 powers of the President.   Fill in details on each role in this graphic organizer .   

2. Complete the "Hail to You, Chief" activity in pairs, using what you just learned about the 7 roles.  Write out the entire role so you'll start to recognize each role by name.

Tuesday, Oct 17th

1. Take test over Ch 6: Congress. 

2. Take the survey over yesterday's guest speaker and get entered to win $100! 

3. Get Ch 7 Grading Rubric and the blank chart to detail "Presidential Paradoxes". You will need to use this excerpt from "Paradoxes of the Presidency" to fill out the chart!  Both due on Monday.

Monday, Oct 16th

Think and Do: Today we begin our "I'm Just a Bill" project. Before our guest speaker presents today, you will need to familiarize yourself with actual legislation in Congress.   Get a laptop, and quickly go to Congress.gov on the internet.   Then click on the link next to "Most Viewed Bills", where it says Top 10.  Make sure you are on the week of October 8th...last week.  You will need this handout to write on as you review bills.  Turn in to the box when you are finished.  Only do Part 1. 

1. Take out your note-taking notebook b/c you will take notes over info from our Guest Speaker today! 

HOMEWORK:  Study for Ch 6 test tomorrow.   This week, finalize the "I'm Just a Bill" Project by this Friday evening:   The remaining part of today's "I'm Just a Bill" Webquest is found here and due for homework by this Friday evening at midnight.

Friday, Oct 13th

Think and Do:  On scratch paper, after watching this episode of "Adam Ruins Everything", write down 3 ways Congressional legislation changed society for whites or blacks.

1. Jot down examples of wasteful spending on the part of Congress as you watch this video about pork and earmarks.

2. Read and highlight key points in the steps to a bill becoming a law.  These are you notes to study!   Then, on the back of that flowchart handout, work with a buddy to complete the steps of this bill becoming a law.  Fabulous prizes for first group finishing correctly!

VISUAL LEARNING! What procedural and personality differences do you see between the House of Representatives and the Senate

3. Get in small groups and discuss your Journal Reviews with this Round Robin.  If you did an exemption or didn't turn this in, get in a group and come up with one to share!

Thursday, Oct 12th

1. Turn in Vocabulary and notes for Chapter 6: and Journal Review

OVERNIGHT HOMEWORK: Bring finished tomorrow this handout about over pork and riders .

Guest speaker today!  Deborah Ross!  Make sure you write down questions you want to ask her!

Wednesday, Oct 11th

Think and Do:  Get a laptop and do the following:

  • Do you know how to contact your Congressperson? No, great. 
  • Well, click here to find out.
  • Contact your Representative and ONE of your Senators using the email option.
  • You need to google something about them or their voting record before you send an email.
  • Finally, review info about  tomorrow's guest speaker and write down 1-2 questions you have.

1.  Using this handout on redistricting, read and turn in to the box.

2.  Next, discuss gerrymandering, by watching first 10 minutes of John Oliver

3.  Using laptops, see who can finish the gerrymander game first!  Fabulous prizes.

Tuesday, Oct 10th

Think and Do: Analyze this graphic about things people like more or less than Congress.  Draw some conclusions about the chart.  Also, watch this clip "Who Dis?" about one of our many Congressmen.   And check out a bio of Roy Moore, who is up for the Senate election in Alabama.  What is it about our primary system that gets people like this elected?

1.  In 2-2-3 small groups, get laptops and divide up the work on this chart about the Functions of Congress and be prepared to share at the end of class.   For the 2 groups of 2, this handout of common Congress terms will be divided. Make sure to look up current and historical examples that make sense.  For example, filibuster....here's fairly recent attempt at one in Texas.

2. Present what you researched to the class so they can fill out their chart!

WELCOME BACK! Monday, October 9th

Get Grading Rubric for Chapter 6: The Congress (see changes to part 3) and Journal Review.  Both due Thursday, Oct 12th.  Current event review must be about an issue in Congress.

Think and Do: Watch this video of a constituent visit to the United States Capitol Building.  Write down 5 interesting things you did not already know.

1.  Using a Roots and Reform Textbook, work with a partner to answer the questions on this Scavenger Hunt. 

2.  When finished, get a computer and go to this interactive info graphic about the makeup of Congress.  Play around with the various combinations "If you are ___ and ___ and ___ and ____".  

As an exit ticket on your own paper, answer the following:  A) What most surprises you about our Congress?  B) Do you believe we have a true democracy based on the makeup of our representatives?  Why or why not?  C) How can we get our Congress to more accurately reflect the makeup of our American citizens?

Friday, Sept 22nd

1. Turn in extra credit and take fun mid term!

Don't forget to turn in your project time stamped by midnight on Sunday!

Thursday, Sept 21st

1. Watch Vice News: A House Divided and fill out this viewing guide.

Wednesday, Sept 20th

1. Go over yesterday's test.

2. Study Hall! Work on the Mid Term Campaign Project and extra credit!

Tuesday, Sept 19th

Take Unit 3 Exam.

When finished, work on the Mid Term Campaign Project.

Monday, Sept 18th

1. Go through chapters and review any concepts you may not know.  Take specific notes on Iron Triangles, and look at the Edmodo Unit 3 folder for review videos.

2.  Review games for tomorrow's test!  Chapter 11, 13, 14 and 15...be ready!  Here's a jeopardy review.

Friday, Sept 15th

On your own computer, work on the Mid Term Campaign Project.   Use this time to ask questions and discuss with classmates vocab terms that are good to utilize.

Thursday, Sept 14th

1. Finish "Miss Sloane" and turn in the viewing guide.

Wednesday, Sept 13th

1. Turn in Chapter 15 rubric and Journal Review.  Discuss some of the interest groups you learned about in your journaling.

2. Review yesterday's 12 minute timed FEQ and re-write based on discussion of flaws in first draft.

3. Start movie "Miss Sloane" and fill out the viewing guide.

Tuesday, Sept 12th

Go over your Mid Term Campaign Project.   Mind the due dates and the rubric!  Ch 15 due tomorrow!

Think and Do: Click on this graphic and on scratch paper A) describe what trend you see in the table showing total dollars spent per year. B) Figure out what was spent on lobbying per month in 2005. C) Choose 3 businesses from the list you are NOT familiar with and google what it is they do?  Then, as a class, discuss what laws these various businesses might want Congress to create/alter.

1.  As a class, watch this segment of "In It to Win It" and make a list of the various ethics rules that were allegedly violated by lobbyist Jack Abramoff.  After, discuss how Abramoff's abuses of power affected the democratic process.

2. Free Response essay practice: First read this outline of the 4 basic strategies used by interest groups to shape policy.  Then discuss what you know as a class about the goals of the NAACP, the AARP, and the NRA.  Using this knowledge, complete a 12 minute timed answer to this prompt.  Peer review.

Monday, Sept 11th

Think and Do: Complete a practice and then a graded Free Response Question over the Media. 

1. Discuss various propaganda techniques used in advertising.  Using these summaries of the various techniques, visit each Gallery Walk station and decide which technique goes with which folder. 

2. Watch various commercials from Living Room Candidate and decide as a class what each technique is used.

Friday, Sept 8th

Turn in Chapter 14 rubric and pick up Chapter 15 rubric and Journal Review topic (lobbists/special interests).  Both are due this coming WEDNESDAY.

Think and Do: Watch this John Oliver segment on Media Consolidation, then complete a 5 minute "free write" answering the prompt: For what reasons is the consolidation of media problematic for our democratic systems?

1. Discuss Functions of the Media to make sure you understand Ch 13.

2.  To practice "spin", each student will get a "role" to play when announcing a controversial new school problem.  Give a 1 minutes speech "spinning" the topic according to your role.

Thursday, Sept 7th

Think and Do: Discuss the meaning of this political cartoon.

1. Take notes on the Campaign Process to make sure you understand everything about this process and campaign finance!.

2.  Using laptops, work on an individual Scavenger Hunt on Ballotpedia!

3. Go over last test for review.

Wednesday, Sept 6

Think and Do: Read and answer the question that follows from this editorial about the realignment of the Republican Party.

1. Turn in Chapter 13 grading rubric and take a quiz!  Get Chapter 14 rubric. DUE THIS FRIDAY!

2. Watch the movie "Unprecedented" and fill out this viewing guide for a grade.

Tuesday, Sept 5

Think and Do: Go to this website about Grassroots Campaigning.  Read and explore. On your own paper, A) write down 5 specific actions YOU can perform to help in elections.  B) What is the phone number to the Raleigh office?

1. Get in small groups of 3 or 4.  On large paper provided, make 3 columns.  Label one Democrat, one Republican and leave the other blank for a 3rd party of your groups choosing later.  Then...

2. ...using these website links, look up the platforms of both Democrat or Republican parties.  On the large paper provided write down summaries of at least 6 specific "planks" for each party.  (choose a decent mix of economic policies and social issues) Then...

3.  ...think of a 3rd party you want to research, and do the same in the third column on your large paper..  Here's a list of some third parties today.  (once you find a party, find their platform list off of their website).  Then...

4. Share what you learned with the class.   Then, compete in a timed "Big Brother" style competition to see who can put all the planks in the rights spots.

Friday, Sept 1: Turn in Chapter 11 rubric.

Think and Do: Review our Poll Responses and team winner!!

1. Watch "Chisholm 72" and answer the following questions on the viewing guide.  When finished, turn in to the box for a grade.  If you were absent, your alternate assignment is to watch this 45 minute documentary and type a 2 page, double spaced summary of what you learned. 

2. Get Chapter 13 grading rubricDue next Wednesday.

Thursday, Aug 31st

Think and Do: Using your phones, click on this link and on scratch paper answer the following: 1) What is the difference between "hard money" and soft money? 2) How much overall money for the 2016 election year did the Democratic Party and the Republican Party each raise? 3) How much in the 2008 election year?

1. Watch "Street Fight" about Cory Booker's run for mayor in 2002.  Complete this viewing guide for a grade.  If you are absent, you MUST watch on Netflix.  Only location for this.

Wednesday, Aug 30th

Turn in your Journal Review assigned Monday.  No exemptions can be used on this assignment!

1. Quick review and then take Unit 2 Test.

2.  Get Chapter 11 rubric.  Due Friday.

Tuesday, Aug 29th

Think and Do: The yarn game!

1. Get a laptop and visit this website.   Read about social capital, take the quiz, and then finish completing this handout for a grade. 

2. Discuss as a class.  How did YOU define social capital?  Besides technology, what are some reasons for decline in social capital?  Read through this fact sheet and brainstorm some of these questions as a class.

3.  Exit Ticket: Besides technology, what are some reasons for decline in social capital?

Monday, Aug 28th

Think and Do: Listen to 46 minutes to 56 minutes of the Aug 24th podcast of Pod Save America and answer the following: 1) Why are focus groups different from polls?  2) For what reasons did Obama voters say they switched to Trump in 2016? 3) Do you be the MAJORITY of voters pick candidates on issues or on perception of personality?

1. Get in small groups and read and answer questions on one piece of paper.  Discuss your answers with the class.

2.  Get back your voter surveys from last week and discuss some of the answers you got. 

3. Get laptops.  Amazing Race!  Last one finished must suffer the consequences...

  • Go to NC Voter Guide and answer the questions on the overhead on your T&D paper... 
  • Then, play the interactive Voter Suppression game as a minority.  Stay in line and complete all obstacles until your vote is counted! 
  • On the T&D paper, write an answer to the following in a complete sentence: What are two obstacles you faced as a minority voter?
  • Next. make sure your name is on this T&D paper, and turn it into the back box...
  • Shut down your laptop and put it back on a charge...then...
  • Using Ch 12 or your brain, come write on whiteboard 1 way we can increase voter turnout.  No duplicates!
  • Go back to your seat and raise your hand in a "peace" sign.

HOMEWORK Journal Review due Wednesday (no coupons used to exempt this):  Type up a current event analysis related to the Unit 2 topic of "cross cutting and reinforcing cleavages".  Since this concept is not in your textbook, study this video link to teach yourself what these political science terms mean.  Then find a current event article describing an example of these cleavages in America today.  Identify if the issue is a cross cutting or reinforcing cleavage and how this might affect unity. Remember, to follow the rules of Journal Reviews

Friday, Aug 25th

Think and Do: Fill out a voter registration form.  Discuss things on the form that the average person might get wrong or not understand.

Turn in rubric for Chapter 12 and take Quiz over Chapter 11 and 12.

1. Also, turn in OPTIONAL assignment if you so choose. You were to have read this article "Dirty Little Secrets" and turn in 10 of the most significant points you think are made in the article.  You need to write in enough detail I know you read the article.  2 pts earned per point you write, for a max of 20 extra credit points.  

2. Spend the rest of class working on your teacher survey from the Webquest found here.  Be ready for me to send it out this weekend!

Thursday, Aug 24th

If you are anyone besides Blair or Albaro, you have to do this replacement assignment using this link for the answers you chose to PLAGERIZE from your classmates on Monday.  Enjoy!

Think and Do:  Also, analyze this chart on voter turnout and this chart on eligible voters by race and discuss the implications for both political parties in the future.  Do the shifts in race mean good or bad news for the two parties.

1. To investigate voter behavior and how demographics affect the vote, watch this PBS Frontline episode and answer the viewing guide.

2.  Go over multiple choice part of test.

Remember tomorrow due: Chapter 12 notes and OPTIONAL (from Tuesday).  Prepare for a quiz!

Wednesday, Aug 23rd

**If you didn't turn in your Word doc from Monday, print it and do this now!

1. Get a laptop and browse poll results from the Pew Research site .  Write down 2 polls you found interesting or surprising and explain why you chose these two. 

2.  Work in groups of 3 or 4 to come up with a survey of teachers at Southeast.  You will be creating a survey for them to answer anonymously.  Webquest instructions to set this up are found here.  Ms. Thrower will send out the survey links via email to all teachers at the end of the week.

3.  Go over multiple choice part of test.

4.  Overnight homework. Give this voter survey to an adult to fill out. 

Tuesday, Aug 22nd

Think and Do: Watch this video "The Poll Dance", and then answer the prompt: Why do we poll the public so much and so often?

1. Turn in your Chapter 10 notes/rubric.  Get new rubric for Chapter 12, which will be due this Friday.  Also, an OPTIONAL assignment if you so choose will be due this Friday.  Read this article "Dirty Little Secrets" and turn in 10 of the most significant points you think are made in the article.  You need to write in enough detail I know you read the article.  2 pts earned per point you write, for a max of 20 extra credit points. 

2.  ...Polling Problem Charades!  You and/or a partner will be given a random card describing one of the problems with polling.   Act this out to the class with your partner without using any of the words on your card.  Get the class to say the words on your card based on your "skit".

3.  Go over last week's test mistakes.  Everyone will correct at least 10 questions according to the Test Remediation process.

Monday, Aug 21st (don't look at the sun!)

Today, you have one job.  Finish this Webquest!

Friday, Aug 18th

1. Pick up the Political Culture handout and answer questions 1-5.  Discuss!

2.  Watch this Ted Talks about the moral roots of ideology.  When finished, using info you learned while watching the video, complete a Lesson Closure.  Title this Lesson Closure "Moral Roots of Political Ideology."

OPTIONAL WEEKEND HOMEWORK:  Follow directions on this handout "What Do We Think Poverty Looks Like?" and be ready to turn in on Monday for full extra points.

Don't forget homework!  Chapter 10 read and ready Monday.  Meet in computer lab 2202!

Thursday, Aug 17th

1. Quick review then take test on Ch 4 and Ch 5.

2. Get rubric for Chapter 10.   Due Tuesday.

Wednesday, Aug 16

Think and Do: Watch and then discuss. 1.Do you agree that affirmative action laws should limit Asian and white Americans entrance into universities in order to achieve diversity?

1.  Using textbooks, research one of the following topics and make charts showing the gains/challengers of the following minority groups: women, Hispanics, American Indians, Asian and Pacific Americans, Gays and Lesbians, Americans with Disabilities.  Present yours to the class for test review!

2.  To expand on your knowledge of the Patriot Act, watch the first 23 minutes of "Cost of Freedom" (see me if absent for password) and fill out this viewing guide.

Tuesday, Aug 15

1. Turn in Chapter 5 rubric and notes.   Take quiz over Ch4 and Ch 5.  Make sure your Supreme Court google doc is complete.

2. Watch Episode 3 of Constitution USA and fill in the episode guide.

3. Review some of your answers on the Supreme Court google doc.

Monday, Aug 14

Think and Do: Watch a recap of the events over the weekend and Charlottesville, VA.  Discuss whether or not you believe these groups should have the right to protest at future events taking down Confederate statues.  What restrictions should be placed on any future assemblies?

1. Watch the following Quick Lessons on the right to privacy and right to due process.  Answer the questions on this notes guide and then find a partner to discuss the scenarios with.  Share your rulings with the class. 

Friday, Aug 11

Turn in Chapter 4 Notes Rubric with the back completed.  How did YOU rule in the TLO case?  Get Chapter 5 Notes Rubric and be prepared to have that finished by Thursday.  Test Friday, Aug 18th

1. Take quiz over Bill of Rights.

2.  Review and take notes over slides 9-27 in the Civil Liberties/Civil Rights" powerpoint , ending with each student researching one of the cases listed under the "Friendly Debate".

Thursday, Aug 10th

Finish:  Watch the remaining segments of episode 2 of Constitution USA and fill out this viewing guide, stopping to discuss your thoughts.  Turn in when complete.

1. Discuss Supreme Court summary study chart for federalism cases you turned in yesterday.  What are ways you can memorize these rulings and the parts of the Constitution they reference? 

2. Get into the team google share for the Unit 6 Ch 4 cases and decide who will be researching each page of the doc (about 4-5 cases per student).

3. Using the We The People books and the Bill of Rights, complete this Scavenger Hunt on your own paper.   Discuss answers with the class.

Wednesday, Aug 9

Think and Do: Do you agree or disagree with this teenager's argument that his rights were violated after bring arrested for drug suspicions?  If so, what rights were violated?  Why or why not?  For what reasons were police saying they had cause to tase him?

1.  Look at various rights around the world by country using this interactive chart.  What right do YOU believe are most important?

2.  Watch the first 28 minutes of episode 2 of Constitution USA and fill out this viewing guide, stopping to discuss your thoughts.

Tuesday, Aug 8th

Think and Do: To begin discussion of Unit 6: Civil Rights/Civil Liberties, watch this mini segment of Vice about a law attempting to discriminate against the LGBT community by protecting freedoms of the evangelical community. ""Defiance in Mississippi".   Which groups liberties are we trying to protect?

1.  Memorize your Bill of Rights for a quiz tomorrow!!  Review slides 1-7 in the Civil Liberties/Civil Rights" powerpoint and discuss ways to easily memorize and remember the Bill of Rights!

2.  Go over yesterday's test, including Free Response.  Watch this Free Response tutorial and take notes on the different action verbs you should look for.

Monday, Aug 7th

Turn in your Supreme Court summary study chart for federalism cases.

1. Review for Test...anything you still don't understand? Need to know?

2.  Take test 65 multiple choice, 1 short answer (1 hour test time)

3.  Get Chapter 4  Notes Rubric.  There is a back to this...make sure you do this too! This is for Unit 6: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, which is the next unit to test.  Chapter 4 due Friday this week.  It's a looooong chapter.  Keep up!

Friday, Aug 4th

Turn in your Journal Review on Federalism.

Think and Do: Watch this video about the formation of the Tea Party policy.   Jot down ideas and goals of this party.  What is their ideology.

1.  In small groups, get a laptop and work in pairs on the Ideology Project.  This should be completed by 2PM, at which time we will share out with the class. 

Thursday, Aug 3rd

Think and Do: Write an opinion YOU would write if you were on the Supreme Court in Hypothetical Case #1.  Make sure in your opinion, you justify your opinion with part or parts of the Constitution.

1. Take online quick quiz over Articles of the US Constitution

2. Finish note-taking on slides 15-29 on the Federalism chapter.   This video is also a great review if you still are confused about all the types of federalism.

3. Working in pairs, google example of recent block grants, categorical grants, unfunded mandates and programmatic earmarks.  Write examples you find on the whiteboards provided.  Share with the class.

Wednesday, Aug 2

Turn in your REQUIRED Primary Source reading from John Locke's Second Treatise.

Think and Do: watch this segment on Vice News about the burgeoning legal marijuana industry.  On scratch paper, jot down issue state and federal governments are having as this business grows.

1.  Review the role of United States Supreme Court and the various famous or relevant courts we have had over time.  Here is the Powerpoint for your review...only slides 1-13 will be used today.

2. Discuss how you will be creating study charts with landmark court cases for the future.   As a class example, use this Oyez link about the Supreme Court case of Gonzales vs Raich, fill out the first of your MANY Supreme Court summary study charts with information in your own words, quoting only when necessary.   This one is due MONDAY on test day.  

MONDAY HOMEWORK...Using these videos or oyez.com (or both!), complete the Supreme Court summary study chart .    Visual learning:  Marbury v. Madison, McCulloch v. Maryland, Gibbons v. Ogden, Barron v. Baltimore , Dred Scott, and U.S. v. Lopez.

Tuesday, Aug 1

Think and Do: Watch this current event about political turmoil in Venezuela.  On scratch paper, list examples of ways democracy is ending.   How are the people fighting back?

1.  Turn in Chapter 3 notes rubric and take quiz over this Chapter. 

Be aware! Articles 1-7 quiz coming by Thursday and unit test Friday!  Study!  Also, get the "The More You Know" vocabulary list for Unit 1.  Study this for the test Monday as well.

2.  When finished with quiz, pick up the Checks and Balances handout.  Using the info given, fill out the grid with the correct branches.

3.  Discuss and review Federalism (chapter 3).  We will cover slides 1-14 today only. 

Monday, July 31st

Pick up your REQUIRED Primary Source reading from John Locke's Second Treatise.  Due Wednesday.

Think and Do: In your notes, make a 3 column KWL chart and fill out the "What I Know...K" and "What I Want to Know...W" part of the chart.  Try to have at least 3 items in each.  Discuss as a class

1. Get with a partner and using whiteboards or paper, assign one person to be the writer of correct answers.  Using the laminated US Constitution Scavenger Hunt question card, work for 15 minutes to find as many answers as possible using the Living Constitution books...the primary source of our US Constitution.  Fabulous prizes to winning team.  

2.  When finished, fill out 3 things you learned on your KWL chart.

3.  Review the Articles Powerpoint and make sure you are ready for a quiz Thursday!  Let's eat jelly fritters and sugar rolls!

3. Using this handout about Article IV, write your answers on your own paper according to the directions.  Turn in when finished.

OPTIONAL: Read it all carefully, using the Dec of Ind in your textbook and return to me!

Friday, July 28th

Think and Do:  Listen from 6:25 minutes from the Friday, 28th audio of the NY Times "The Daily" and answer the following on your own paper and turn in:

  • What was one major problem for sick people before the passage of "Obamacare"?
  • What were 2 major problems during the rollout of the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA)?
  • What are 3 groups of people that benefit from the ACA?
  • What is a group that DOES NOT benefit from the ACA (higher premiums/deductibles)?
  • What are YOUR thoughts about keeping or repealing the ACA?

Turn in the rubric and notes for Chapter 2, Pick up Chapter 3, which will be due Tuesday, Aug 1st. 

2.  To review key parts of how we got to the US Constitution and the principles found in our Constitution, fill out this graphic organizer using info in the first part of this Powerpoint.  Know examples to support each principle.

Thursday, July 27th

Think and Do:  On scratch paper provided, answer and be prepared to discuss:  1) Why do we have a free press guaranteed by the First Amendment?  2)  What is "bias"?  3) Is bias in news okay? 

1.  Get a laptop and your phone and make sure you have access to the NY Times "The Daily" via podcast on your phone or web link and you are getting notifications from the Edmodo group.  You will be expected to listen to The Daily for some overnight homework assignments.

2. Use your laptop individually to look up these links and be ready to discuss the questions that follow. 

  • Watch this clip of Trump branding his term "fake news" shortly after the election. 
  • Look up a definition of "fake news".
  • Is this real news?
  • What about this?
  • Find: A story you believe to be fake from the last year
  • Find: a website that seems have a right and a left leaning bias.

3.  Everyone read the introduction to the 538 article "When To Trust Unnamed Sources".  5 students will then be assigned to one of the bullet points, and work to summarize it for the rest of the class, as they take notes.  For your bullet point, give real world examples (positive or negative).

**The remaining students will work as a team to research on the web the following 2 questions, summarize information to share out to the class as well:  1. What are some common elements of journalistic standards? 2. Which top media sources are most trusted by people of different ideologies?

4.  Back as a class, draw conclusions from these poll results.  Discuss any patterns or trends you see in which ideologies trust which sources.

Exit Ticket:  What have you learned about what news sources to trust and why?  Which ones should you not trust and why not?

Finally, discuss expectations for the Journal Reviews to be completed every other week.  Your first journal assignment will be for Chapter 3 will be due Friday, Aug 4th. 

Wednesday, July 26th

Think and Do:  Using your Journal Review from summer work, read and follow instructions on this Journal Review "round robin" in groups of 3.

1. Turn in spiral notebook with the grading rubric for Chapter 1.   Pick up the rubric for Chapter 2, which will be due Friday, July 28th.  Then pick up and take the multiple choice chapter quiz for Chapter 1.  

2. When finished with quiz, pick up and silently read over your AP test taking strategy packet you should keep in the "APGoPo Bible".  You will have to see me for this packet as it cannot be put online.

3. Discuss this packet and any questions you have. 

4.  Then add to the Bible section, the FRQ Writing Guide and watch this 5 minute video to help you understand what the FRQ will be.  Take notes on how the FRQ's are scored!

5.  Get back FRQ and quiz from your Summer Work and peer review.  How many points was this example worth?  What "action words" are you expected to tackle?  Share out good and bad answers from your peers.

Tuesday, July 25th

Think and Do: Get a laptop, a partner, and go to the Freedom House website and study the graphic.   By clicking on countries, browse around and find a few countries that are MOST free and some that are LEAST free.  With your partner, fill out the following Think and Do.

1.  Next, rotate partners.  Then, using computers, pull up the website and read through the examples from "A Day in Your Life".  On paper provided after you read, discuss with your partner and then write out answers to the following prompts:

  • List 3 government services/laws that surprised you most.  (any you didn't know about?)
  • Which examples might you consider "too much" government interference/regulation?
  • List 3 examples you are most thankful our government provides.
  • List one example for each level of our government (local, state, federal)

2.  Exit Ticket.  Discuss some of the answers you wrote to last night's homework prompt.  

DUE DATE ALERT:  By tomorrow, have Chapter 1 notes ready to turn in.   Directions for how chapter readings will be graded are found here.

Monday, July 24th

Think and Do: Introduce yourself.  Discuss what current issues in government and politics interest you, concern you, and make you hopeful.   Take a current event Kahoot! to see how much you know!

1. Turn in your Summer Assignments that you were given.  Make sure you have followed the instructions carefully.

2.  Receive and review course syllabus and handbook and discuss any questions or concerns you have for this course.  Have parent sign last page and bring back ASAP.

3.  Check out your Roots and Reform textbook, and put the Chapter and Exam alignment sheet in a section in your notebook called "APGoPo Bible".

CHAPTER READING ALERT:  By Wednesday, July 26th, have Chapter 1 notes ready to turn in.   Directions for how chapter readings will be graded are found here.   We will review what these should look like in your spiral.


Politics Defined...

The decision about who rules.
The process by which people decide who shall govern and what policies shall be adopted.
The process by which one wins power/control.
The art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government.
ne theorist, Harold Lasswell, has defined politics as "who gets what, when, and how."

Write a one paragraph answer to this short answer prompt on your own paper and bring it tomorrow.   Short Answer Prompt:  Why should we study politics?