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Thursday, Jan 25th

1. Go over Test Period 2.

2. Watch Jocz tell us about Writing the DBQ and take notes and do's and don'ts.

3. Begin discussing the "Age of Jackson".   Watch this hilarious opinion of Jackson.  Then watch the History Channel's less biased version.

4.  Using this packet on a sample DBQ over Jackson as a guide, we will discuss the documents, why they are used, how to write then into YOUR essays, and how to work in outside information.  Take home and review what we don't finish in class for more practice on this tomorrow.


Wednesday, Jan 24th

1. Work as a class to finish Dissecting Primary Sources for Period 4A.  This is prep for the upcoming DBQ essay you will need to learn to love!

2.  Take 50 minutes timed test for Chapter 7 and 8 of Period 4.  

3. Get Chapter 9 DUE FRIDAY and Chapter 10 Reading Guides DUE MONDAYTest Tuesday next week on these two chapters.

Tuesday, Jan 23rd

1. With a partner, look at the intro and education section of Chapter 7 in your green book and find the author's thesis on the Jeffersonian vision.  Answer 1-3 on your own paper.   Peer review.

2. Take notes and discuss key events in the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson and watch "Drunk History: Lewis and Clark" .

3. Watch "The Presidents" on James Madison and take notes and discuss the War of 1812 and laws, events and court cases that follow. 

Monday, Jan 22nd

1. Quick "you review' and then take Period 3 test.  Turn in all work below by end of today!

SNOW DAY LEARNING!   Looks like we are out until, I assume, Monday? Here's what you need to accomplish by then.  Everyone should do GREAT on the Chapter 4, 5, and 6 test since you have MANY days to study and lots of time to watch the "video learnin".  Also, I dug up my better notes to "evidence" for the LEQ we did last week.  I recommend you review it!  Remember, its not what you believe on these essays, it's what you can PROVE.  Read on for your work...

1. Know your Presidents! Watch all these videos as well, taking written notes as you watch, probably a good idea to stay focused and remember the info.

2. Review Talking Points for Ch 6 if needed. 

3. Have all the below steps ready to turn in at the start of class the day we return.  The first few are required, the rest, xtra credit.  Read on:

New format on the vocab....(thanks Nathan!) Click on the tabs at the bottom to complete Period 3 and 4 by the day we return as a group.  Between the 2 units, each of you should fill in THREE terms total from Period 3 and 4 (about 60 terms to complete...#math).  Make sure in the 4th column you add your name.  You can cut and paste from Wiki if you want...just get GOOD info in there, simplified for easy review!


**If you want to get a head start on Chapter 7 and Chapter 8, you probably should, as they will be due Wednesday, January 24th.  Click the chapter to download.

Tuesday, Jan 16th

1. Go over Ch 4 Long Answer Essay.  Discuss "evidence" list for both topics and tips to improve.

2. Review and take Talking Point notes over Ch 5 to prepare for test Friday.  The links below are good resources to watch as visual learners.

Breaking Free From England:  Watch these great clips from "John Adams":   King's response to the Olive Branch Petition.  Analyze this scene as they "edit" Jefferson's work on the Declaration!  And get goose bumps at this!

3. Work on the first two primary source documents in this handout,  Dissecting Primary Sources.  Overnight homework will be Part #3, which is found in your textbook

OPTIONAL: For up to 15 pts, read and complete this primary source activity from Thomas Paine's "Common Sense".  Due Thursday.

Monday, Jan 15th: Martin Luther King Jr Holiday!

Friday, Jan 12th

Think and Do: QUIZ over Period 1/2 terms.  This will be EASY, don't freak out!

1. Receive Rubric Packet and other info for your APUSH Bible section.

2.  Write one of the assigned LEQ's in class (40 minutes timed) from Chapter 4.

3. Receive Chapter 5/6 Reading Guide.   Both of these are due on Wednesday, Jan 17th, test for Period 3, Chapter 4-6 will be Thursday of next week.

Thursday, Jan 11th

Think and Do: Highlight what you think is the thesis in this excerpt from "American Nations".

1. Go over Period 1 Test and peer grade the first Short Answer for completeness.

2. Using these sample thesis statements from the Ch 4 prompts, follow directions on the handout.  Discuss with a partner and the class your critiques.

3.  Use this reading about the Columbian Exchange to recognize a historical thesis (the argument) and then circle "evidence" that supports this thesis. 

OVERNIGHT HOMEWORK: Watch Jocz and take bullet point notes on how to write the LEQ.  Prepare to write one of the two given on your Chapter 4 assignment from yesterday.  When you are finished reading Chapter 4, I recommend you watch the Jocz recap video to be fully informed tomorrow!

Wednesday, Jan 10th

1. Quick review and then take test over Chapter 2 and 3.   (60 minutes timed, one short answer)

2.  When finished with the test or tonight, please take this online student survey so I know more about you.  Read everything carefully!

3. Receive Assignment (not a Reading Guide) for Chapter 4.   Please note, you will have a timed, in class essay practice for this unit.   So take good notes as you read the chapter.  If you need help improving your textbook reading and note-taking skills, here's a good website of tips to assist you.   

OVERNIGHT HOMEWORK:  Look over Period 2  "Terms to Know" and discuss what you already know about them by comparing mental notes with a partner.  In the APUSH Team google drive, define and add detail to your assigned term for this time period.  Use this collaborative effort, completed tonight, to prepare for a quiz using Period 1 and Period 2 Terms on Friday of this week.

Tuesday, Jan 9th

Think and Do: Watch these two clips: Thank Your for Smoking and The Newsroom.  If YOU had this question on an essay, how would YOU answer it?...."Is America the best country in the world?"   

1.  Begin discussing how to write a historical thesis for your APUSH exam essays.  Add to your spiral notes, things you learn by reviewing these tips for writing a good thesis.  When answering essays on the exam, try not to sound like a Miss South Carolina or a Donald Trump.

2. Work to spot some historical thesis statements. Use these two intros from the new Brinkley book and highlight what you and your shoulder buddy think is the thesis.  

3.  Now, practice YOUR thesis statement based on the prompt in today's "Think and Do".  Use the "although...ultimately" format only.  Share with class.

Monday, Jan 8th

Think and Do: Read this story from an Economics professor about how and why he changed his grading system and then fill in the blanks after you read with words you think best explain the meaning behind the story.

1. "You Review!" over Chapter 1 and then take the timed exam (45 min) over Chapter 1 Brinkley textbook reading. 

SNOW DAY WORK:  Thursday, Jan 4th and (maybe?) Friday, Jan 5th...have the following completed the day we return...everything handwritten unless otherwise noted:

Wednesday, January 3rd

Think and Do:  Watch this awesome clip from "Good Will Hunting" and think about what Will is trying to say about learning history.  Introduce yourself and tell the team, how YOU are going to learn the vast amount of info for this class in 4 short months?

DUE TODAY: 1) Zinn Summer Reading 2) Map Activity 3) Chapter 1 Brinkley Textbook Reading Guide.   This will be checked in class and returned to you today.

1. Start a notebook section called "APUSH Bible" in your binder.  Put your "Terms to Know" in this section.

2.  Include in the "Bible" the class Syllabus and Job Training Lodestone.   We will spend about 15 minutes each day going over this until we finish.  Note you have a Class Donation to bring by next Wednesday!

3. Watch and take notes on the Jocz review video for Period 1...he is AMAZING!  

***OVERNIGHT HOMEWORK! STUDY for tomorrow's test, you should review from the following:  a) your Reading Guide and notes for Chapter 1  b) my Talking Points over Period 1  c) to understand tribes in North America, watch this video "Native American Cultures APUSH".  I would create a chart of the 5 major regions as he will explain and any other information on lifestyles of these tribes. d) Visual learning enhancementColumbus comes to Americas!!!  and from "Elizabeth", the defeat of the Spanish Armada.