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Welcome! As someone with an 11 year background in the technology industry prior to beginning my newer career as a high school Social Studies teacher, I know the importance of using technology tools to communicate with students and parents.   To help your student outside the classroom, this website also has a daily calendar of all work in downloadable format, test reviews, full class notes, and tutoring tools. 

I have a Sociology degree from the University of Texas at Austin and hold a Social Studies teaching certification from the University of Texas at Dallas.  Before moving to North Carolina in 2009, I was a Microsoft Windows System Administrator in the banking industry.  

While I enjoyed my challenging career in the technology industry, my long term goal was always to teach at the high school level.  History and traveling are two of my greatest passions, so teaching Social Studies was an easy decision for me.  After more than a decade in the computer industry, I opted to leave my career at the bank, "move forward" and start new opportunities in public education.   In my almost decade long teaching career, I have taught Psychology/Sociology, Civics and Economics, American History I and II, Law and Justice, AP US History  and AP Government and Politics

A student's willingness and ability to use certain skills is key to success in my classroom and in life.  If your teen is only motivated by rewards and punishments, they will have a VERY difficult time motivating themselves in my classroom.  They need something larger than a "grade" to help them motivate and focus in my class.  

The most important skills your teen will need to use every day:  Intrinsic motivation and the ability to delay gratification.   If they have been raised through only rewards and punishments (extrinsic motivation), not through logical reasoning and reflection, then this is a student I could have concerns about.   The ability to focus his/her attention to class lessons is also key to learning and high grades.  I encourage them on a daily basis to build and practice these 3 skills, making sure they move towards the overall goal of being an independent learner and someone that tackles all challenging tasks in class and life with a fearless attitude!  I structure my classroom in a way that education and learning is the main motivator, so rest assured, your teen will have constant opportunities to build the skills needed to gain success. 

All other class specific info for your teen's success in my class is found on their class specific Syllabus found on this page of Stuff Your Need.   Thanks for all YOU do!


This is a personal website and is in no way affiliated with a school, school district, or any other organization.  The views expressed herein are mine alone unless otherwise noted.